Creating images that speak to the truest nature of the subject. STUDIO THREE BEAU offers Real Estate, Architectural, Product, and Social Media Photography.

Are you looking to sell a home faster, and for more money? Do you need to take your business’s promotional imagery to the next level? Is there a product your company would like professionally photographed? Are you trying to grab more followers on your social media platform? STUDIO THREE BEAU’s photography branch makes your business goals attainable through stellar images that bring your brand to life. Let us show you how profitable and valuable a quality photograph can be.



Providing the tools to grow your business and capture an audience. STUDIO THREE BEAU offers Website Development, Graphic Design, Logo Design, and Videography Production.

With the multitude of businesses operating today, one of the most important questions any company owner can ask is “How do I stand out from the crowd?” STUDIO THREE BEAU’s design branch specializes in helping you find this answer. Whether you need a website that will instantly grab and hold a viewer’s attention, a magazine ad that stops the page turn, a logo that sticks in a client’s mind, or a commercial shot and edited to drive business, we know how to give you the creative edge you need to be successful.



Bringing your home a one-of-a kind art piece or your business a handcrafted edge. STUDIO THREE BEAU offers Fine Art Painting and Interior & Exterior Sign Painting.

Travis Beauchene developed a unique painting style that is memorable not only for its end result, but its process. Travis pours latex paint on his canvas and creates intricate detail with the tip of a butcher knife, carving images from skylines to wedding portraits. These incredibly evocative and dynamic pieces are sure to spark conversation and memories in a way no other art piece can. On the flip side of the coin, STUDIO THREE BEAU also specializes in producing sign paintings for both interior and exterior surfaces. Whether it is a business logo on brick or a recreation of an architectural rendering on a lobby wall, we can give your professional space an artistic attention-grabber.