We used to live here.

And we really loved this house. Which is why the feeling that something wasn’t right - wasn’t quite settled - was truly an “Oh shit” moment. Travis and I believe life is way too short not to jump feet first into things - and if they don’t work out you change it from there. So selling a house we designed to be everything we ever thought we wanted in a home after only a year and a half fit right into our track record.


When we sold our house, we sold almost all of our stuff along with it. That allowed us to envision moving into a 19 foot long travel trailer and actually fitting comfortably inside it. We chose a Forest River Geo Pro 19FD - with the main selling point being its ability to be off-grid. The reason behind a trailer is twofold - we can separate it from our pick-up and explore beyond our campsite, and it is easily maneuverable for access to more remote spots.

Now we live here.




Slow Down Together.

We have had more what-in-the-actual-hell-is-occurring moments in the past few years than I thought possible. Being constantly busy is not at all the “look how great you are doing!” award it is cracked up to be. I just want the chance to sit and think - to actually figure out what I even think and feel - for more than 5 minutes before bed. To have figured out a way to make this slow down a reality still feels too good to be true.


Share Some Things.

I have a whole mixed bag of emotions when it comes to sharing our lives online or on social media. I’ve never felt comfortable with the idea of putting every last detail out on the table for anyone and everyone to dissect - mainly because I


Get Off the Grid.



Ask any questions by contacting us here. Or keep an eye on our blog to figure out what in the world we are doing right along with us!