Can “Because we want to” be enough?

Without getting too existential - we wanted more out of life than we were finding in our current situation. Life is laughably short, and we believe in doing what it takes to feel happy…and if it feels right it’s worth giving it a shot. And when we decided to be parents, we did so with every intent to set Millie up with a foundation to grow into the exact person she wants to be. For us, full time travel is the answer.

Forest River Geo Pro 19FD

Coming in at just under 100 square feet, this travel trailer will be our home for the foreseeable future. After doing an absurd amount of research, we chose this particular model for a few key reasons…it has off grid capability at a reasonable price point, is narrower which allows us to maneuver into more spots, and is surprisingly lightweight - increasing our fuel efficiency.

National Forests and BLM Land (…it’s all free)

When you start researching places to park your RV/travel trailer/van/etc. for no cost it is astounding how many places exist that allow you to stay for up to 14 days for free. The Western part of the country has significantly more options, so we will plan to predominately be in that region vs. towards the East cost. Places we have scoped out so far include mountain bases and ocean beaches - just surreal.

Composting Toilet > Plumbing

We are off grid in that we will never have to plug our trailer in to anything. We do have propane for our stove/oven and refrigerator, as those would use up all of the solar energy we could collect. Everything else will run off of an affixed 100 watt solar panel and a moveable 140 watt panel. We will use a composting toilet to conserve water, and have 55 gallons of water storage.

Student Loans are the living worst.

Our families let us stay in their lake cabins while we paid down our debts and saved enough to buy our Chevy Avalanche and Geo Pro outright. This was an unbelievable gift of a situation, as we were able to go from selling our house to living on the road so much faster. We both have jobs we can take with us in a scaled-back capacity, and we had a savings benchmark set for ourselves too.

Roadschooling is a thing.

We had always planned to homeschool Millie, so we are just taking those same philosophies and making them mobile. There is no set curriculum we will follow, instead relying heavily on teaching her based on our experiences - and allowing her to guide her learning based on natural interests. Our goal is to provide her an education she will actually use and value as an adult.

Your guess is as good as ours.

This is going to be a “we’ll see where the road leads us” type of a deal. We do have a route planned for the first year, and a loose idea for year two, and then we honestly have no clue. It’ll either be that we are loving everything about the mobility or we will be ready to find a little permanence. I don’t see us ever going back to on-the-grid living though - and this trailer could be it for us for a long time.

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